E-guide to IT automation. 

Many organizations have a rich IT history. This has many advantages, but also a disadvantage: you have everything that you have encountered within IT in the last 40 years. And that makes it difficult.

When we think of automation, we often talk about the IT landscape: a new server needs to be installed or something needs to go to production. In a way, automation is an application to achieve something. And that is improving business results by improving IT. 

In Business Automation this grows through to the process layer. Breaking silos and thinking in value streams is the fundamental change in DevOps. Automation can then be a means of enforcing this from the bottom up. But what are the benefits of automation?

Download this e-guide to get to know more about:

  • The benefits of automation;
  • Automation within the government sector, financial sector and the energy sector;
  • Cloud Recipe for Business: Technology, Processes and People.


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